Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Modelling Update: Boat

The boat has gone some big changes since my last posts.

I started by looking at the lamp or torch that would be at the front of it, so I started modelling a candle as seen below. I did however decide against it in the end as I was having trouble following the tutorial about the flame, and I also feel that it wouldve been unnecessary detail that would not have been shown up enough in the final renders. Furthermore, it probably would not have given off enough light in the opening sequence where the boat is still in the ocean and that is the only light source.
So... I went on to modelling a lamp using curves and revolve. The light is emitted from a layered shader and is quite bright so that it will be easily seen and light up the boat and the surrounding environment. I used a shader to colour it to give it a worn look as though it has a history or that Arthur has been on a journey to get to this point.
Next to the finished lamp are the initial shaoes I used without texture and also the image plane I used as inspiration.

One major problem that I had for a while was the texturing of the boat. I tried so many different images of wood, wood shaders etc but could not find the one that looked in the right style or suited the boat for quite some time.

I finally found this image on the internet as tried it on my boat. It was very successful so I took it into Photoshop (the second image down) and used the Palette Knife (I believe) to make it look more akin to the Star Wars Clone Wars style.

The shape of the boat has also changed. It now looks closer to my original concept and I much prefer it this way. It no longer looks just like I cut a sphere in half on Maya and looks more like a boat. I also curved the front of the boat over so that I could hang my lamp from it.
Here are the final boat images:

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