Monday, 8 March 2010

Coming Together

The project is finally coming together woo! Although Sam has used Mudbox to make the island have so many polygons it keeps crashing my laptop, the scene is nearly complete.
The focal point of the story is the Lady of the Lake giving Arthur the sword Excalibur. As I have been modelling the sword, Andi has been modelling the Lady statue and these images show the final pieces coming together.

Top View:

I added a glow to the sword to make it look more authentic as a magical sword, and we thought it would create a nice reflection on the glass statue.
Here are a few more details with the additional plane I added for water in the fountain pool. I did not animate this as I felt there would be too much movement in the scene with the fire moving around too and I did not want it to be too complex for the audience to take it. I think a little bit of movement would have been lost in the scene and as it was a calm night the water in the centre would not have been disturbed too much anyway.

The final pieces for the centre all together (the fountain, fire, tombs, sword and balcony area that I worked on) :

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