Tuesday, 2 March 2010

British Museum

This first image is not Medieval, yet I liked the way that the statue was standing at the top of the stairs, I thought we could use it as a camera shot as she is quite foreboding here and you have no choice but to walk up to her. Afew wall hangings telling stories. These are aimed at Lydia who may like them to tell the story of King Arthur using their style.

This piece is the King's Pavement. I liked the circular design of the earthware and thought it would be good to surround the statue at the top of the castle.

These wall hangings were of particular interest as parts of the images are missing. Lydia wanted to achieve this effect as if we are going to fill in the gaps. It also shows that it can be done using tiles or stone bricks rather than using Maya cloth.

These images are possible textures that I can use for stone items in the environment. There has been talk of creating tombs around the central fountain, this could be ideal for that (obviously if I import them into Photoshop and do a bit of editing).

The next two images show different pots. The first is early Medieval yet the second is from a much later period. I thought the oversized pot could be lit by Arthur when it is placed in the centre of the dock area. Obviously the fire will flow from it so there would be channels attached, yet the examples show how grand it could look and the type of colours we could use to texture it.

Again this statue is not from the Medieval period, yet I liked the feminity of the character and thought she could be used for the Lady of the Lake. Her arm to one side could be where the sword it drawn from, and she looks very protective so it would suit the treasure she is holding.

I took this photograph to show a possible camera shot of the audience and Arthur looking up at the statue. This perceives her to have a high place and makes her look powerful.

Again another Medieval statue. I really liked the lighting in this one and the way that the shadow falls against the wall. Again she looks powerful and the robes once again cast interesting shadow.

The shield could be another way of telling the Arthur story, or he could pick one up to protect himself from the unknown dangers that may be waiting for him...
Again I like the intricateness of the piece and also the gold colours. I think I will use gold throughout my sword design and also maybe on the tombs to show that they were also of a high rank.

Finally, this kind of ties in with our original idea of the fountain, yet I thought this could be an interesting plynth for the Lady of the Lake statue to stand on. Arthur will have to negotiate this aswell to reach his goal so does he jump across it? Does he stand in the water? Or neither?

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