Tuesday, 2 March 2010

British Museum (Sword focus)

I went to the British Museum a few weeks ago to gain a further insight into colours and objects from the time period. A selection of photos that took my interest for the group are to follow, yet these were specifically aimed towards my Excalibur design. The sowrd I have now is quite basic, so I will use these images to enhance it.

Firstly, this is the top of a bishop's staff from the Medieval ages. I love how intricate and ornate it it, and it gives a sense of high stature. The gold colour is definitely something I will use for Excalibur.
I also found this sword very interesting. It says in its description that the symbols on the sword have an unknown meaning, and I would like to use this in my work too. I think this will give the sword a bit of mystery or depth of meaning, so I can use this design in a creative way.

Close up of the symbols:

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