Thursday, 28 January 2010

Animation tests

I am going to be focused on the animation for our piece, for example the weather conditions and moving objects within the scene. I created this Flag using Maya nCloth, it took a while as Maya crashed and was very flow when the flag started moving. The first shows no wind or air pressure, so the flag just drops, which could be good for summery conditions.

The second one here shows the flag going crazy after applying a bit of pressure and wind. I am going to experiement more with this to get the right level for the different conditions, and try to make the flag rougher and it not a clean rectangular shape to show age and history. I am confident I can apply this to wall hangings within the Castle too.

I have also been looking at different water effects, the first here is using an animated texture. Im not completely convinced after comparing it to Softbodies, which I think would look better with better lighting and colouring. However, this may be better for the Star Wars Clone Wars style that we want to achieve, so I will ask my group about this at a later date when I have experimented some more.

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