Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Group Discussions

Today we had our first full group meeting, since my initial post Sam and Matt have joined the group. We have decided to include 2d characters in our 3d environment, which lead us to a sort of Lady of the Lake, so a sort of ghostly presence within the layout.

We are creating a Medieval environment with a slight fantasy theme to it so that it does not have to be specific to one sect of the time. I will be using the Knights Templar for inspiration, yet not sticking precisely to them.

The overall idea for our environment now is a castle on a small island surrounded by water. The castle is partly in ruins giving a idea of the overall structure yet with bits fallen apart. We are undecided on whether it will be raining or bright sunshine yet this can be decided during the concept stage.

We are also going to look into the artistic style of Star Wars The Clone Wars, where the CG almost looks painted, as this will fit in with the 2D characters that will populate the environment.

I will now continue to change my Concept Art to reflect the new ideas.

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