Wednesday, 13 January 2010

'Destroyed Beauty'

After my initial research, I continued to look at the 'Destroyed Beauty' theme from the Gears of War scan. This made me think of two pieces in particular: the beginning of Wall-E and Bioshock.

The first scans are Wall-E concepts. I like the first scan due to the signage, although it would not be used as heavily in a castle setting it does show a sense of history and a sense that people have lived there even though it is not desolate and destoyed.

The second image shows how the rubbish has now become part of the architecture of the environment, and how the current affairs/ bad times have taken over the landscape. There is a sense of what there was before yet it is hidden in this new layer.

I then moved onto the internet to look for the Bioshock concepts. The idea behind the game is that Rapture was created to be a haven yet it has become bitter and twisted over time. The locations are grand to show an attempt at a luxurious lifestyle, yet it is crumbling away and falling apart.

Bioshock the game was reknowned for its level of detail where every poster, sign, placement of objects etc had a story and the history is prevelant throughout. I would love to achieve something similar to this and spend the time to make the textures and items within our environment very detailed so that we can tell a story throughout. These images also show the water coming into the building structure (as it is set underwater), which could be used to show changes over time or weather effects.

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