Thursday, 14 January 2010

London Photography

I took these photographs around London. Firstly the Tower of London obviously has the features of a castle with the turrets and I particularly like the rounded shape of this end, as it could have spiral stairs added to it or interesting features due to the rounded shape and we would have to think about how items would be placed within a rounded room. The windows are all quite small because castles are made to protect those inside and keep people out. These windows also have a rounded top which fits in the style of this part of the castle.
I took the next two photos to look at similar types of buildings, again with the spires. I like the rounded shape of the Westminster Abbey arches more than the bridge. The windows are again rounded at the top, and as they are quite long they will let plenty of light inside.

This figure is quite foreboding as it was part of the London Dungeon exterior, yet it fits in with the period and again has the rounded frame to it. I also like the lighting around the hood as it gives mystery to the figure.

Finally, this image was taken in Covent Garden at Christmas time when they had this light display. I really like this as it looks rather magical and would fit into the magical theme of a castle. The lights also moved so this could form part of the animation for my piece. I also like the way that it is lighter around the bottom by the normal lamps lighting the walkways and walls, yet the darker night sky is filled with the 'prettier' lights.

Images of London landmarks that could be used as inspiration to our project, more to come and my thoughts soon

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