Friday, 5 February 2010

Modelling :)

Here are the models that I have started to populate the environment. As we are telling the story of how King Arthur receives Excalibur from the Lady in the Lake, I decided the first thing to model was the sword. The second image shows my original sword which is very basic and could just be used as a prop littering the floor for example, where as the first I have added to to make it more akin to Excalibur. I will research more into the sword for the different looks people have given it in the past and how I can utilise their ideas to make mine better.
I also modelled an axe to populate the environment, it could be used by the character to cut something in the environment or be held by a knight in armour to make them look more dangerous.

Arthur is going to enter the Island on a small wooden boat, and this is my first model for it. I am going to try and make the back end squarer and maybe add some sort of scripture to the boat to make it seem more prestigious. There will also be a lamp on the boat which I will attempt to model along with candles for the environment next.

Finally, my torch is based on the one the Phantom of the Opera is holding (see group blog), and will be an effective way to keep focus as Arthur can point it to whatever he sees in the room and we will lead the audience around the environment this way. The flame was made using the Particle effects, so I will experiment with this more to make sure the flame looks right when moving and maintains the shape that we want it to.

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